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Pixeon Studio is a premier creative studio specializing in 3D and CGI solutions for commercial clients. With a passionate team of skilled professionals, we bring imagination to life and deliver cutting-edge visual experiences that captivate audiences.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses communicate and connect with their audiences through immersive 3D and CGI experiences.

Our People

Meet our creative international team

John Doe

Mateus Morgan

Lead CGI Artist, Co-founder 

John Doe

Andrew Cooper

Producer, Co-founder

John Doe

José Rafael

VFX, Simulation Artist

John Doe

Vitor Fonseca

Post Production

John Doe

Samuel Simionato

Sound Designer


Our Awards

We are delighted and filled with a profound sense of pride to have received esteemed awards and recognition in our respective professional field.

3D and 2D Animation
Luxury Design
3D and 2D Animation
Package Design
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics


Our Services

CGI Animation (3D & 2D)

Creating lifelike or stylized moving images using computer-generated graphics, bringing characters and scenes to life in both 3D and 2D formats.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Enhancing or creating realistic or fantastical elements in film, television, or other visual media using digital techniques, such as adding explosions, creatures, or magical effects.

3D Modeling and Product Renders

Constructing 3D digital models of objects or products and generating realistic images or animations to showcase their design, features, and functionality.

CGI Post-production

Enhancing or modifying digital images or footage after the initial capture or rendering process, incorporating special effects, color correction, editing, and other techniques to achieve the desired visual outcome.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Overlaying computer-generated elements onto the real world, typically viewed through a device like a smartphone or smart glasses, to provide interactive and immersive experiences that blend virtual and physical environments.

Sound design

Creating and manipulating audio elements, including effects, music, and dialogue, to enhance the emotional impact, atmosphere, and storytelling of various media forms such as films, video games, and commercials.


Our Works

See the latest works we did for our clients. We proud each case and happy to deliver excellence.  


Our Contacts

In case of any questions or suggestions use information below to reach our team. We would be glad to be in touch for any reason.


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